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u n i o n

t  v      |     w  e  b    

f  i  l  m​

A Futile and Stupid Gesture key make-up artist

Of Fortune and Gold key make-up artist

The Devil's Carnival II ast. to Gage Munster

Asthma ast. to Nancie Roonie

Driving While Black ast. to Samantha Ward

End Of Babes Directed by Jimmy Marble

Method Actor short

Possibilia The Daniels, ast. to Becca Webber

Coldest Girl in Coldtown ast. to Danielle Walch

Lucy Schwartz Doomsday Films​, key beauty

Mine Gmes Yellow Brick Films, ast. Make-up Artist

​​​​​​John Dies at the End Touchy Feely Films, ​asst. to Amber Griffin

Zombeo and Juliecula​​ Moon Hill Productions

​Being American Starway FIlms

​Black Sugar short, Rank and File, key beauty

​​​Be Forever Now 

​​​The Wolf​​ ast. to Kate Mullin

California Solo​ Zambry Films, BG ast. to Heather Ford

​​​​Geezas​ ast. to Kate Mullin

Couier ​short

​​Peter Hallow​ short

Superstore NBC Key Make-Up Artist

I'm Sorry TruTV Key Makeup-Artist

Drunk History Comedy Central Make-up Artist

MoonBase08 TBD, Key Make-Up Artist

Another Period Comedy Central, Key Make-Up Artist

Good Game YouTube Red, Key Make-Artist 

Lady Dynamite Netflix, Key Make-Up Artist

The Kicks Amazon, Make-Up Artist

They Took Our Child Lifetime, Make-Up Department Head

With Bob and David Netflix, Assistant Make-Up Artist

Bag Boy with Steve Brule Adult Swim, Make-Up Department Head

Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories Adult Swim, Key Make-up Artist

The Birthday Boys IFC, asst to Kate Mullin

Just Kidding Disney XD

CosmoBody ast. to Sabrina Wilson

Deadly Sins ID Network

It's Not Fair Dreamworks/Wondershop Digital 

Know it All Nina Dreamworks/Wondershop Digital 

Boss Over Food Network

Shahs of Sunset Reunion Ryan Seacrest Productions

My Big Fat Geek Wedding Syfy, ast. to Kat Bardot

Fast Food Heights MTV, ast. to Kat Bardot

Magnificent Meg Dreamworks TV

En Exclusiva Hola TV

Mommune ast. to Daisy Dennis

MindValley ft Jennifer Galardi fitness video

The Eric Andre Show Adult Swim, asst. to Kady Alatriste

ManUp Gwen Network TV

Hearst Digital StudiosFashion One on One

Tugger the Space Ship Lovely Studios

The 5th Hour Nickelodeon, ast. to Kady Alatriste

Snachers Olde Money Boyz, Make-Up Department Head


Local 706

Make-Up Artist

Industry Experience Member

c  o  m  m  e  r  c  i  a  l  /  p  r  i  n  t  

Katy Perry VMA Promo ast. to Gia Barsocchini

Wells Fargo

Charmin ast. to Lindsey Garrison

986 Pharmacy 

Depends ast. to Mirj Gschwind

Hear USA Garage Films​

SAP ast. to Danielle Walch

LA-UP Director Rich​ Marchewka​

AIS Insurance

Blowfish Shoes ast. to Danielle Walch

Oreo​ Cookies Director Jimmy Marble

Kybella ast. to Danielle Walch

eBay ast. to Erin Nichols

Make Your Case

Doppelganger Clothing

Mark & Estel

​Whittier Trust Director Rich​ Marchewka​

GlamGlow Persepolis Pictures ast. to Laura Liefring

​Turbo Tax Photographer Rich​ Marchewka​

At&t HTC1 The Pact, Firestone Productions

Bonefish Grill Portal A Productions

Prada ast. to Vanessa Price

Google Cast ast. to Erin Walters

GE ast. to Kate Mullin

Heinz ast. to Erin Walters

Tadapix Key Make-Up Artist

Samsung Key Make-Up Artist

Direct TV Director Rich Marchewka

eHarmony ast. to Robyn Rebbe

Dodge Ram

Botox ast. to Danielle Walch

Xfinity ast. to Vanessa Price

Cacique USA featuring Aaron Sanchez

Harmen Ghost Atomic

SONOS ast. to Sabrina Wilson

JBL Ghost Atomic

Boeing The Agency

Target featuring Oh Joy

Pinnicle Vodka ast. to Vanessa Price

Radio Shack ft Weird Al ast. to Kate Mullin

Domino Magazine ft Emily Henderson

Samsung ast. to Kat Bardot

Job Corps Firestone Productions

Sephora Portal A Productions

Microsoft Brewster Parsons

Benefit Cosmetics Portal A

Target ast. to Danielle Walch

The Temptations promotional photos

Juvederm ast. to Danielle Walch

Lucky Charms ast. to Kat Bardot ast. to Kat Bardot

Southwest Airlines ast. to Kat Bardot


m  u  s  i  c    v  i  d  e  o  

Britney Spears ​I Wanna GoSFX  ast. to Amber Griffin

Kelly Clarkson StrongerBG ast. to Erin Nichols

Martin Garrix ft. Usher Don't Look Down

Walk the Moon Work This Body, ast. to Katie Machaiek

Tiesto Secrets SFX artist

Moby ft Heather Graham The DayBG ast. to Amber Griffin

Mastodon High Road, ast. to Katie Machaiek

Miike Snow ast. to Becca Webber

Rhett and Link Vacation ast. to Robyn Rebbe

Bo Burnham Repeat Stuff

Filter What do you Say​, ast. to Erin Nichols

Hollywood Undead We Are, ast. to Kady Alatriste

KrewellaDoomsday, ast. to Katie Machaiek

​​​​​Flinch Underwater​​, key SFX

Awolnation Knights of Shame​, key SFX

Machineheart ast. to Erin Walters

Team Unicorn All About that Base

SoShy Whateva Man

The Penelopes Sally in the Galaxy, ast. to Kady Alatriste

Killola She's a Bitch, key beauty

Madeline Merlo Sinking Like a Stone

The Subs Trapped


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